Already well into the new year, we @ PNEK hq are planning many travels in the months to come:

* Rotterdam International Film Festival (Jan 26 – Feb 1)
* Transmediale/Club Transmediale, Berlin (Feb 1-6)
* Create/Share/Listen, Conference on Digital Storytelling, Lillehammer (Feb 5-7)
* Sao Paulo: Meetings with institutions/artists/festivals/organizers (Feb 11-25)

We are writing a proposal for running a three-year pilot project for a Norwegian video art archive (Norwegian only)

We are planning a one-day seminar this spring, dealing with the future of the medialab in a Norwegian context. We are basing our discussions on some of the reflections brought forward in The Future of the Lab, a book released in 2010 by Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven.

We are still dealing with the Oslo City Council about the possibility for establishing an artist residency in the capital, in collaboration with UKS (Young Artists’ Society)