“Parhelia” by Amund Ulvestad at Atelier Nord ANX

“Parhelia” by Amund Ulvestad

Atelier Nord is presenting Amund Ulvestad’s installation Parhelia at Atelier Nord ANX. Parhelia is an optical phenomenon which occurs under very cold conditions. Sunlight reflected by ice crystals can make colourful light spots appear on both sides of the sun, giving the impression of multiple suns appearing across the skyline.

Concert and exhibition opening:
03.03.16 at 19:00
Location: Atelier Nord ANX, Olaf Ryes plass 2 (entrance Sofienberggt.)
Opening hours: Thursday and Friday 15-18, Saturday and Sunday 13-18.
Dates: 04.03 – 20.03.15

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Video here

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