Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize

The winner of From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize: “Ill”

About Ill:
Ill is an audiovisual and anti-fascist noise project started in 2013 in Oslo. While desperately seeking to balance real-time graphics with analog and digital audio, Ill simultaneously aims to challenge the perception of their own bodies and their submission to structures of authority (material, social, spiritual).

Photos: Zane Cerpina


About the prize:

From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize aims to recompense each year one particularly meriting art work presented during the Winter Solstice night exhibition. We aim to support and encourage experimental and time-based practices that take the challenge to keep us awake and focused till sunrise, stretching the darkness of the longest night of the year into a state of dream, utopia and poetry.
From Dusk Till Dawn Art Prize consists of a symbolic amount of money and the original cassette tape recording of the Winter Solstice 2015.

The prize is not meant to judge about the « best » art work or performance, neither comparing artists in between each-other, but rather encouraging a new artistic initiative.

Ill is:

Markus Dvergastein: baritone guitar
Markus Dvergastein originally wanted to sail the seven seas, but being born a little bit too late for this, he settled for playing the guitar like a drunken sailor on speed. Markus is a professional guitar player and student at NMH. His projects include Solens Barn, Gray Patterns, The Bouzouki Blues Experiment, Balladelandslaget, Let Spirits Ride and Markus Dvergastein Ensemble.

Bjørnar Steinnes Luteberget: real-time digital audio synthesis
Bjørnar is a mathematician working as a researcher on formal methods in computer science.

Øyvind Mellbye: DIY electronics and audio effects
Øyvind was born in 1985 in Oslo, where he lives and works. He was educated at Bergen Art Academy (2010) and works primarily with sculpture, sound and installation. His recent projects include From one place to another – Krakow, Høstutstillingen 2015, One Night Only, Soft City, Slepebrøler – a fully functional ghettoblaster cast in concrete situated at Grünerhagen ballplass, HFT2013 and Fjellseilas (Mountain Voyage), a permanent outdoor work at Andørja, Norway.

Tom Nærland: real-time generative graphics
Tom is a mathematician working in the medical imaging and ultrasound industry.

Read more about the Solstice:

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