PNEK NIGHT: Amelia Beavis-Harrison

PNEK NIGHTs is proud to present Amelia Beavis-Harrison:


As One Door Closes

Thursday 31 March
Doors open 19.00
Location: PNEK office, Olaf Ryes Plass 2, Grünerløkka

On the final day of having the PNEK graduate studio Amelia Beavis-Harrison will present a selection of works in progress. The PNEK NIGHT will give you an insight into her works made during the studio residency.

Facebook event:

19:30                         Informal practice presentation and work reconstruction

20:00 – 22:00           Durational performance work in progress

22:00 –                      Wine…

Throughout the evening you will be invited to wear costumes from Amelia’s previous works, and share a glass of wine.

The main durational work shown in progress called ‘Catherine the Great and the Shaman’ and is informed by a play written by the Empress. The work explores gender and intellectual power politics by creating a fictitious encounter between Catherine, the author, and the character she has developed, the Shaman. Over the course of the performance Catherine and the shaman exist within the same landscape, but are alien to each other, almost entirely dismissive of each other’s existence, but still in dialogue. The tension between the performers represents the intentions in Catherine’s work and the disparity between history and today where inequalities and prejudice are still rife. The piece is performed by Katarina Skår Henriksen and Kachun Lay and is developed for a touring exhibition called Arctic Hysteria, curated by Locus.

A reconstruction of the work Personality Papers exploring the politics and agenda of the main stream press will also be part of the evening.


Amelia Beavis-Harrison (1986) is an artist using performance to explore the relevance of histories to contemporary politics and situations. Using a combination of choreography and spoken word she develop works with an aesthetic resembling amateur theatre, with a strong use of costume. Found text is often used as a tool within the work that can be fragmented and re-contextualised, may this be acts from a play or the apology speech by a politician. The breakdown of information and highlighting of hierarchies is a repetitive tool in her work, which comes from her research approach to subjects involving visiting archives and dissecting legal documents.  Amelia also runs the nomadic art platform Kunst Vardo.

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