Lydgalleriet is an exhibition platform for sound art in Bergen, Norway. Lydgalleriet explores today’s plethora of experimental sound based art practices and auditive cultures through gallery shows, performance, concerts, workshops and interventions in public space.

Lydgalleriet was initiated by a group of musicians, sound artists and art historians in 2005 and founded formally in 2007. Lydgalleriet is managed by its artistic director and board, and funded by Arts Council Norway and Bergen city Council. In 2012 Lydgalleriet, together with Ekkofestivalen opened the venue Østre: house for sound art and experimental music, where the majority of Lydgalleriet’s exhibitions and projects take place.
Lydgalleriet collaborates with local, national and international institutions such as KNIPSU, Kunsthall 3.14, Borealis- festival for eksperimentell musikk, BEK and other PNEK-nodes.

Adress: Østre Skostredet 3, 5017 Bergen

Artistic director
Julie Lillelien Porter