Established in 2000, dating back to the 1980s, Noemata is a production site for netbased and digital expressions, tracing borders and forms of negation, the impossible and without representation, the formless, marginal, abject, procedural, virtual, unstable, and precarious.

Noemata arranges the irregular x-ennial Leap Second Festival, lasting one second, last time in 2016/2017 with 140 participants. The festival is proven not to exist.

Noemata don’t know what they’re doing. They honestly don’t do anything (other than putting things in brackets). But it’s a sad thing to do nothing. Nobody benefits from it. But if one doesn’t do nothing, one will achieve nothing, and then one is beyond both art and life. Art is pretentious bullshit, while life and death are fatally indifferent. What can a poor soul do? Electronic Art in Norway is a man hitting cars with a laptop computer in the middle of the highway. Getting drunk and posting shit. If anyone understands this correctly it’s like a big void without obstacles or boundaries. What can then go wrong. You can run like a buck down the mountain side or roll on the floor laughing out loud.

Projects 2017

Autumn and winter 2017/18 we’re occupied with, among other things, Aphantasia – a theorization and call for blockchain as a medium for a blind and invisible art (collaboration with Furtherfield and Torque (UK)). Top Manta – Post-internet, flea market, national pavilion and precarity (cooperation with Transeuropa (EU), Yami-Ichi/IDPW (JP), The Inaugural International Autonomous Biennale @ The Research Pavilion, Venice (IT)). Scripting the Other – The internet as a living language of the Other (collaboration with The Wrong Biennal (ES)). 60+ Leap – screening in public space of 1min & 1sec movies (collaboration with 60sec Festival (DK)). Internet Zerstört Dein Leben – online exhibition with exhibition guards (collaboration with Browserbased (NL) and The Wrong Biennal (ES)).

Through the years we have been involved with internet technology, descriptive-, conceptual-, generative-, visual art, e-lit, spam, big data, chat bots, performative writing, post-internet. What we make usually takes place in a web browser. We defend the internet as an independent art medium and virtual production site.