Piksel 2017

PIKSEL17 We Take EmoCoin!

The 15th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies
– November 16th-18th, Bergen, 2017 (NO)

Piksel is an annual festival for artists and developers working with free/open source software, hardware and art in Bergen.

We Take EmoCoin! The Piksel17 festival slogan points out to the new capital: our emotions. Emotions has become the new coin. Emotions can
be measured, monitored and monetized in almost real time. Together with our use of social networks, technology is also investing in bio-sensing the body to collect our bio-data. So, we ourselves with our public online behaviour and our stored bio-signals, visualized and interfaced, create a direct link between emotions and money.

PIKSEL17 – We Take EmoCoin!

PIKSEL17 – We Take EmoCoin! is devoted to show a series of artistic works, performances, workshops and presentations dealing with DIY
A-Life (artificial life), DIY electronic and audiovisual artworks, and concerts.

Piksel KidZ Lab

From 6th of November, Piksel Studio 207 will host the Autumn School Piksel KidZ Lab. Three workshops: Hello plants , Water talking! and
Sonorartec to explore the urban and natural environment. Kids build small electronic sound devices, marine bioart sensors, and chips to
communicate with the plants.