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Field Recording Workshop Grant


It is great pleasure to announce a one-time PNEK grant for one Norway-based artist to attend the Sonic Mmabolela workshop/residency in South Africa, November 2014. This unique 2-week experience is conceived and will be led by Francisco Lopez, who has long experience with similar work. The grant is 4000 EUR, and includes travel expenses, insurance, food, workshop fee etc. Applicants should send a short letter of motivation incl bio/cv to (Please do NOT send us large sound files etc.) Deadline: July 11! The winner

Researching the extreme north


“The mission is to look for the possibilities to organise an art event, or a series of events, which connects to this region, but also reaches out further. […] We have to get to know the area better, meet people, see places and venues, get a feel for the culture and politics of the region. I also have to further develop the concept and a guiding idea for such an event, both in terms of formats, possible institutions and people involved, and as a theme. There is now a preliminary idea, based on the notion of Dark Ecology'”.

Greg Pope: Australia report

shadow trap still1

Australian visit, April 2011 Video installation 380 Flying from London to Singapore in the vast technology of the Airbus 380 aircraft. There is a perfect feature, a perfect video installation that is present at all times during the flight. Choose skycam channel from your personal screen. A camera is situated on the highest point in the tail of the aircraft; the image shows the fuselage and (80 metre) wings from which hang the four huge jet engines. It’s hard to grasp

Plans 2011

Already well into the new year, we @ PNEK hq are planning many travels in the months to come: * Rotterdam International Film Festival (Jan 26 – Feb 1) * Transmediale/Club Transmediale, Berlin (Feb 1-6) * Create/Share/Listen, Conference on Digital Storytelling, Lillehammer (Feb 5-7) * Sao Paulo: Meetings with institutions/artists/festivals/organizers (Feb 11-25) We are writing a proposal for running a three-year pilot project for a Norwegian video art archive (Norwegian only) We are planning a one-day seminar this spring, dealing with

Peter Sinclair presentation in Bergen

Peter Sinclair, english sound artist based in Marseille, will give a short presentation of his work at the Art Academy in Bergen, C Sundts gt 53 on friday Oct 9th, 2pm-4pm. Sinclair is one of the founders of the Locus Sonus soundlab, co-hosted by l’École Supérieure d’Art en Provence, Aix, and Villa Arson, Nice. He has just started an artistic PhD-program at the London University of the Arts, under the leadership of Angus Carlyle. The presentation is given in connection