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Researching the extreme north


“The mission is to look for the possibilities to organise an art event, or a series of events, which connects to this region, but also reaches out further. […] We have to get to know the area better, meet people, see places and venues, get a feel for the culture and politics of the region. I also have to further develop the concept and a guiding idea for such an event, both in terms of formats, possible institutions and people involved, and as a theme. There is now a preliminary idea, based on the notion of Dark Ecology'”.

Nordic Game Jam

Marieke Verbiesen wrote a report from her presentation at the Nordic Game Jam download it here Nordic Game Jam is an annual game jam that takes place in Copenhagen, created in 2006 by the Danish chapter of the International Game Developers Association in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen. It is the biggest videogame-related event in Denmark and one of the largest game jams in the world, with 350 participants as of 2012. Participants are given a theme or

Boundary Crossings, Portland


Conference on Innovative artwork that walks the line between animation and fine art, July 2011. Marieke Verbiesen from BEK was invited to participate at the exhibition Intermation, as part on PNCA’s Boundary Crossings in Portland. The exhibition examined the relationship between the animated image and the screen and proposes new utility between or among the traditional apparatus of animation. Her extensive travel report is available HERE (pdf). Snapshot from Marieke’s work “Plan 10″.

Greg Pope: Australia report

shadow trap still1

Australian visit, April 2011 Video installation 380 Flying from London to Singapore in the vast technology of the Airbus 380 aircraft. There is a perfect feature, a perfect video installation that is present at all times during the flight. Choose skycam channel from your personal screen. A camera is situated on the highest point in the tail of the aircraft; the image shows the fuselage and (80 metre) wings from which hang the four huge jet engines. It’s hard to grasp

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