EE is supported and financed by PNEK, Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway and Arts Council Norway

The purpose of the new EE – Experimental and Emerging Art Norway – publication is to give a rapid response to and visual overviews of important contributions to all what art can be. The works and tendencies we present are major contributions to the field of emerging aesthetics. EE focuses on experimental art projects – stuff that somehow stretch and challenge our established notions of what art is. We believe the field of art is and should be in a constant flux, challenging the major market driven trends of our time. If innovation always comes from the periphery, then EE will also move on the brim of aesthetics. We also defend our right to sometimes fall into it. And at other times out of it.

EE’s format is multiple; part magazine, newszine, part website and it spans across several media formats. While this issue is printed, EE is also freely downloadable online as a PDF based magazine.

Often EE articles are more visual than textual, but online you will find additional background material such as original sound files, video, additional photos and other Zeitgeist documents to all our coverage.

EE is In Medias Res (‘in the midst of things’) and – like us- we hope you find this to be a necessary publication both to be informed about and document a field in constant and rapid change. EE endorses these fluctuations in thinking & doing and see them as essential components of the experimental and expanded field of art. One of EE’s main purposes is to support the interesting, the subversive, the abject, the striking but also intriguing, wondrous and the beautiful in the ongoing human project of making art. Whatever art might be or become.