Vandaler Forening

Vandaler forening is an artist run space located at Hovinveien 10 in Oslo (Lille-tøyen Hageby). The program is collectively generated. Together, we aim to organize events that are important and have the potential to enrich our understanding of the world. Vandaler forening artist-in-residence and project space program is bringing emerging and established international artists and art practitioners to Oslo in order to develop a discussion around experimental and cross-disciplinary practices. The projects selected are showing qualities that we want to support by giving a space to work, research and show, but also a living place where people meet each other. Our way to approach electronic media and experimental expressions is by giving space to test new ideas and also give an opportunity to artists to reach the right people or/and institutions with experience and expertise that will help them developing their project. For exemple, our current resident – Luca Forcucci – needed specific equipment to work on his latest project Carnet de Routes so we arranged a collaboration with NOTAM.

We believe that it is important to prepare the perfect working conditions for each of our guests. Our previous resident John Garcia Rueda needed on the contrary to work on his own, which successfully ended with the production of his latest composition Claroscuro, in collaboration with the norwegian dancer Signhild Meen Wærsted. It is therefore important to adapt to the wishes of the artist, without necessarily going into systematic collaboration if the need is not expressed. The main goal of our residency is in our opinion a space of reflexion and focus.

Vandaler forening has been running the last 4 years the Winter Solstice night exhibition, which typically merges experimental music, noise, performances, poetry readings, installations, visual arts and more. This is at the core of our organisation, which want to develop a dialogue in between different fields. Now that a space has been granted from Kulturetaten, we want to unfold this vision on a long-term program by inviting guests that naturally hybrid genres and mediums without loosing poetical, social and political dimensions.