Art Republic

Art Republic is a platform dedicated to art and new technology in public and online space. The platform explores the expanded cinematic experience, and the relation between image, sound and architecture. The platform curates and commissions moving image, interactive (immersive) site-specific art installations, and performances. It also offers residencies, public talks and an online journal.

One of Art Republic`s main projects, is the Screen City Biennial (SCB) in Stavanger, the first Nordic Biennial dedicated to the expanded moving image in public space, presents artworks that explore the relation between the moving image, sound, technology and public space. The architectures of the Norwegian port city Stavanger, facilitates an exhibition of video, live cinema, audio-visual, light art, virtual and augmented reality, which challenge contemporary spatial experience while integrating with the urban context, together with screening programs and gallery installations.

This SCB Journal is an online discursive platform for knowledge, questions and curiosities. It discusses and excavates new emergences in expanded art in public space – significantly art forms that expand the moving image (in the broadest sense) in interferences with urban environments and current urgencies.

The SCB online exhibition reflects the Screen City Biennial’s aim to be accessible beyond the geographic locality of Stavanger and further exhibition practices with the expanded moving image in online, mobile and hybrid presentation formats.

Network and Collaboration: growing as a framework for furthering artistic practice and discourse with the expanded moving image in public space, Art Republic works towards strengthening its national and international network of art labs and organizations, distribution platforms for art, and educational institutions and initiatives. We welcome new collaborations concerning future biennial exhibitions, exchange of artworks, special programs and curatorial exchange.

Office in Stavanger and Berlin
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Director and Curator
Daniela Arriado