Dans for voksne

Dans for voksne has in the past 15 years put on more than 300 concerts, performances and workshops in the field of noise, experimental, improvised or baroque music, gradually. They also arrange meetups in Notam´s localities every fortnight, where all interested can join and build or repair circuits, no matter complex or simple, with the support from each other.

In addition to this they have been involved in projects with artists from different fields, for example in their low frequency music project by deaf and deaf-blind people and the ongoing project DNA? AND?. DNA? AND? is a collective where special kids play improvised music with professional musicians, with annual workshops and more frequent gigging. They have played at various festivals for improvised or experimental music, such as All Ears (Oslo), Blow Out (Oslo) and Sonic Protest in Paris.

Harald Fetveit
Email: dansforvoksne@gmail.com