Piksel is a distributed network of artists and developers, and an annual festival for electronic art and technological freedom, organised in Bergen, Norway. The festival involves 50–60 participants from more than a dozen countries each year; exchanging ideas, exhibiting and presenting art and software projects, hosting workshops, offering performances and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of free and open source software, DIY/open hardware and art.


Fields of activities
Familiarity with the topics of free software and open hardware, gathered with the network accumulated through the festival activity, have opened for Piksel getting involved in a range of exciting collaborative projects throughout the year. Internationally, Piksel is collaborating with selected media labs on shared artist-in-residency projects.

Piksel Pulse
Piksel Pulse is an umbrella term covering the activities Piksel is involved in throughout the year, such as taking part in workshops and collaborations with international media research labs. Crossdisciplinary and international cooperation with partner organizations holds great importance for Piksel, as the mutual exchange of experience and research secures further development and improvement.

Network and international partners
A4 – Zero Space, Slovakia www.a4.sk
Asimtria (Perú, Ecuador) www.asimtria.org
MAMM, Medellín (Colombia) www.elmamm.org
RIXC, Riga www.rixc.org
Apo33, Nantes www.apo33.org
Pixelache Network www.network.pixelache.ac
Ohanda (Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance) www.ohanda.org
LGRU (Libre Graphics Research Unit) www.lgru.net
OpenSound www.opensound.eu
Hackteria www.hackteria.org

Piksel values international cooperation and any interested organizations boasting a similar profile should contact the festival director.

Strandgaten 207, 5004 Bergen
Festival director and curator: Gisle Frøysland (gif@piksel.no)
Festival co-curator and organizer: Maite Cajaraville (maite@piksel.no)
E-mail: info@piksel.no