Pia MYrvoLD at ART FOR TOMORROW conference

Pia MYrvoLD to the ART FOR TOMORROW conference  in Doha 12-15 March, invited by New York Times and Qatar Museums.

In a star packed conference program, MYrvoLD  will give a presentation about her work with digital art strategies of the last 25 years.

Pia MYrvoLD is an artist and futurist with a long merit list of innovative strategies merging media into what she calls the new hybrid art forms.

With the title HYBRID LOVE, she revisits central ideas though her work history, with interactive art interfaces such as,  Cybercouture 1996, Female Interfaces; Centre Pompidou 2004 and  Explorations in Landscape – Lars Hertervig; Stavanger Art Museum; 2007 where MYrvoLD first introduced a duality between real and virtual (VR) worlds.

The immersive and interactive  solo show ART AVATAR, Centre Pompidou 2014 will be presented in details as well as the series of smart sculptures,WANDS  launched in 2015.

In the final section of her talk, MYrvoLD introduces her latest project Syn-Energies, large scale sm-art installations that harvest energy though sun, wind or water.  Created as an interdisciplinary art model, the project is designed to instigate local growth in industry, education and the development  of innovative business models important for cultural identity, tourism and and economic growth.

Placing art in the initial phase of urban planning and municipal  or regional  developments, MYrvoLD wants to show that art is important for successful transitions in the challenges of the future, where the movements will be integrated as one movement and not, as we often seem where the art serves as decorations in the last link.

MYrvoLd’s entry  in the first day program, is followed by  Jeffrey Deitch, the famous berømte New York Gallerist  and recently director of the LACMA museum in  Los Angeles. Among the  star packed program  we find Jeff Koons, Marina Ambramovic and the curator for the London Serpentine Gallery, Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Installations STARGATE and  WANDS 

New York Times have in addition invited Pia MYrvoLD to set up two large installations; STARGATE, first shown in her independent pavilion in Venice2011, and the installation WANDS; first generation smart sculptures, Paris 2015.

In 2015 the host and initiator Sheika Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, was descibed by Forbes Magazin as one of the worlds  100 most influential women, while Art Review listed her on the 100 Powerlist of the most influential personalities in the art world.

Link to the conference here

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