Speculative Archiving


Nina Wenhart: Speculative Archiving   One day seminar thursday 14.Feb 2013 at ANX Time: 1pm – 4pm (incl lunch). Free admission! (Mandatory pre-registration to so we can plan food/seating arrangements.) The term “archive” is used extensively these days as part of the discourse on the visual art/cultural heritage both in Norway and internationally. Which ontologies and methodologies do we use to tell the stories of our time, and how is it done practically? On February 14th, PNEK and The Norwegian

Report from Piksel [X]


Inntrykksrapport fra Piksel [X] festivalen Bergen 22. – 25. November 2012  Piksel er 10 år gammel! Festivalen har undertittelen Kernel Panic! og er en festival for de spesielt interesserte der elektronikk, eksperimentering og forherligelse av feil står sentralt. De er statsstøtta underdogs som står sammen og stemningen er sjeldent inkluderende og utforskende. Artistene, arrangørene, publikum og festivalens innhold satte i gang mange tanker hos meg. Programmet løper parallelt på flere steder i Bergen by: Workshops på dagen i BEKs lokaler og på Tapetmessen mens det ble holdt foredrag og presentasjoner på Lydgalleriet.

Mapping the visuals – Punkt 2012

Ebe Oke

The Punkt Festival in Kristiansand has been organized since 2005, and is well-known for its unique approach to the live remix concept. We asked visual designer Tone Emblemsvåg to give some feedback on the visual side of things.

Video report from San Francisco

Sudden Infant performance

A video report by Greg Pope to PNEK after a short trip to San Francisco where he went to perform with John Hegre at the Crossroads Film Festival in May 2012. Greg’s 15 min video report at Vimeo includes: * Small excerpts of performances by Gerritt Wittmer, Michael Gendreau, Sudden Infant and Kerry Laitala – these from The Lab event (May 17th) and Crossroads Festival (May 19th). * Two interviews with 16mm film archivists Steve Parr (Oddball Film) and Craig Baldwin (Other Cinema). Enjoy!

Raflost festival, Iceland


Raflost festival 2012 report by Haraldur Karlsson. With travel support from PNEK, Atelier Nord collaborated with the electronic art festival RAFLOST in Reykjavik 19. – 27. May 2012. The RAFLOST electronic art festival is dedicated to global professional artists and students of all art forms, music, visual art, dance etc., that are using electricity or electronic equipment at any stage in their artistic creation. The main aim of RAFLOST is to introduce the past, present and future of electronic arts

Travel reports from Screen / Barcelona


SCREEN FROM BARCELONA is a platform dedicated to moving image in contemporary art. Through partnerships with leading international agents, generates projects that materialize in different formats and locations, such as SCREEN Festival and LOOP. PNEK sent two agents from Norway in May/June. Farhad Kalantary from Atopia, Oslo, has written a brief report in English, while Daniela Arriado, freelance curator from Stavanger/Berlin, has written a more elaborate report in Norwegian.



KINOKINO Art and Film Centre in Sandnes, Rogaland was unanimously approved to become a member of the PNEK network by the general assembly in Bergen, May 24th. The inclusion of KINOKINO in the network acknowledges the increased artistic activities on a high international level in the south-western region of Norway.

Nordic Game Jam

Marieke Verbiesen wrote a report from her presentation at the Nordic Game Jam download it here Nordic Game Jam is an annual game jam that takes place in Copenhagen, created in 2006 by the Danish chapter of the International Game Developers Association in collaboration with the IT University of Copenhagen. It is the biggest videogame-related event in Denmark and one of the largest game jams in the world, with 350 participants as of 2012. Participants are given a theme or

DinahBird + JP travel blog


PNEK invited the French radiophonic artists DinahBird and Jean-Philippe Renoult to make a little concert/presentation tour in Norway in March. They performed these places: March 11: Bergen (Lydgalleriet) March 12: Haugesund (LYD) March 15: Oslo (Sound of Mu) Here is Dinahs travel blog!