Stahl Stenslie new PNEK director

As from Aug 17th, 2015, Ståle Stenslie will be the new director for PNEK. Stenslie takes the job after Per Platou, who has finished his two 4-year terms. There were many highly qualified applicants for the job, and the board is confident that Stenslie is the right person.

PNEK søker ny daglig leder

Man and woman shown working with IBM type 704 electronic data processing machine used for making computations for aeronautical research. Photo: IBM

PNEK søker ny daglig leder i 50% stilling. Stillingen er et 4-årig åremål, med mulighet for forlengelse. Søknadsfrist 30. mars, med ansettelse fra 17. august, 2015. Lønn etter avtale.

ISEA Dubai 2014 – The 20th Symposium on Electronic Art

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The original piece I proposed was going to be a transformative electronic Bedouin tent located at Al Fahidi Fort in the Al Fahidi historic district of Dubai. But the project was under constant transformation as to where to locate it and the possibility of producing it at all.

Dark Ecology report

HC Gilje out in the fields of Nikel with his Orbital camera. Photo: Nik Gaffney

The program was an ambitious attempt at combining a research trip, lectures, concerts, installations and walks within the framework of the concept of Dark Ecology, a term coined by Timothy Norton who was also one of the participants of the journey.

Man|Machine Robotic art workshops


The workshops will concentrate on the creation of robots as works of art. The workshops are meant to enhance interdisciplinary attitudes among young artists, engineers and designers.

Peter Knudsen to FAV – Chile

Mugetuft at Oset: Concrete Mapping

PNEK is happy to announce that Oslo-based video artist Peter Knudsen won the open call to participate at the upcoming edition of FAV – Festival de Artes Valparaiso.