PNEK FILEs: Dark Ecology

Dark are the ways of art. To Timothy Morton ecology is less a clean, problem free approach to how we shape and inhabit this planet. Ecology is, like art, a dark affair. It is messy affair contaminated by human desires and conflicting opinions. Ecology is definitely something emotional, something that concerns us all. Eco stems from Greek Oakes, meaning nothing less than our home. Ecology is therefore about our human household and how we keep ourselves best fit for life. Homes should be warm and comfortable. Yet many are not. It is hard to say what state this planet is really in. Some, like Timothy, thinks the catastrophe has already happened. Ragnarok –the end of the world as it is described in Norse Mythology- is already behind us. From now on is about how we navigate the broken waters. The Dark Ecology tour was such an attempt: to both map the territory and build new ground. For five days fifty artists explored the northern regions of Norway and Russia. It was both a corporal and mental expedition, intense in travel, discussions and differences in artistic thinking. Boarders were crossed, but void remains. We passed the boarder station Storskog the day it was closed after thousand of asylum seekers had crossed in a month. Even the most barren region of Europe brings hope to those who despair. Sometimes life and hope is only a short bike ride away.

This PNEK file brings you a glimpse of the darkness we experienced. If we did not find the right answers, Dark Ecology –like art- might make us ask the better questions.

View online: Pnek Files: Dark Ecology

PNEK FILEs: Piksel

Piksel is more than a festival. It is a contemporary academy in the experimental arts. Organized by Gisle Frøysland, Piksel turns Bergen into a creative explosion of new, emerging forms of creative expressions and strangely attractive experiments. The 2015 version saw anything from deep noise concerts to workshops in Do-It-Yourself, open source biokitchen art to electro-mechanical sculptures and surveillance bots. It was an event not just for visitors, but also an exquisite arena for the exchange of ideas and inspirations between artists. The feeling of the festival was intimate and local, yet a temporary home to a wide number of international guests from all over the world. Piksel is what PNEK is about: getting stronger through networking and building bonds across boundaries of thinking and acting.

This PNEK file is a go to give a visceral documentation of this great gathering. And an inviting hint of what Piksel can bring to you in its next version.

PNEK Files: Piksel 2015 (Preview online)
PNEK Files: Piksel 2015 (For Printing purposes)